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We understand the need of a company for having an eye catching signage and branding. So we offer our diverse range of packages to suit the requirement of organisations of every size and on every budget. Al Tareeq Al Salik Sign is your one call away professional, experienced and dedicated team ready, with twenty-five years of experienced professionals, at your disposal for planning budgeting and executing your Signage and branding requirements anywhere anytime in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Al Tareeq Al Salik is a word of Arabic language which means “Fairway”. The name has been chosen as per the philosophy of your other company to bring peace of mind to our customers.

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3D Sign

Mall retail outlets sign, reception sign, office sign, kiosk sign counter sign, wall sign, pillar sign Front lit sign, back lit sign, Edge lit sign, Background ACP, Mesh, Gl, Corrugated, Fiber laser cut aluminium design and others.

Construction Sign

Project sign, directional sign, height limits sign, safety sign, building entrance sign, directory sign, door plates for full building, rooftop sign.

Office Branding

Execution of the office branding including walls branding, glass sticker, frosted sticker, reception sign, door sign, reception desk sign, special epoxy paint, artistic paint work, gypsum and glass work.

In store Branding

Gondolas, promotional stands, light boxes, counter top stands, aiesel branding, floor sticker, marketing & sales promotions branding, chiller branding, product cutout shelf branding, segmentation branding.

Event Branding

Stage background, pop up, roll up, entrance sign, arch, reception sign, photo booth background, podium branding, table top, aiesel stands, free standing 3D letters, product cutouts.


Acrylic, wood, metal and PVC corrugated sheets etc. fabrication services and products available with your customized designs for your office, market or Kiosks. It includes full kiosks supply and installation services


Within these years we have delivered number of successful projects to our existing customers for various locations in all emirates of UAE.

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